Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Floating on the waters of faith

I named this blog Water-Wings because I believe that we are held up by our baptisms. We can float on the knowledge that we are marked by the cross of Christ and sealed by the Holy Spirit FOREVER. That knowledge, brought to us in water, gives us wings. We can fly. We are free to become who we are created to be; able to go safely where life takes us. It doesn't protect us from being hurt. It doesn't promise perfect happiness. It doesn't even keep us from making bad choices or regrettable mistakes. It simply keeps us afloat through the bad times. It holds us up until we are ready to try again. . . like water-wings.

Becoming a parent is like being thrown into water over our heads - it's a sink or swim proposition from the very first moment. And like swimming, it can be terrifying, and it can only be learned through experience. It is an act of faith to bring a child into the world. At some point we have to simply trust that, with God's help, we can do it.

On the day I was baptized I was sealed by the Holy Spirit - and I think that holy breath has held me up like water-wings ever since. The only thing I knew without a doubt at the birth of my first child was that I needed to have her baptized. Everything else was a learning experience, but I knew, with certainty, that she needed her own pair of water-wings. And so, at the tender age of 13 days, she was brought to the font, baptized by her grandfather, and had her water-wings inflated by the same Holy Spirit who had held me afloat for 28 years. Two years later we repeated the process with her sister. We three have been floating together a long time now and I have stories to share and questions to pose. I learned from my experience, and the experiences of others.

I hope we can float together once a week or so and muse a little about life, baptism, faith and raising our kids. Come on in, the water's fine.


Emily said...

When you call what the three of us have been doing "floating" it sounds like it's just happened naturally. It has been smooth and fun like floating, but you're too humble, Mom. It's taken a lot of skill and energy! I think we've been swimming together :o) Or sometimes you've been swimming and pulling us along - like dolphin rides. But we can call it "floating" if you want! :o)

Julie Huke Klock said...

It hasn't always FELT like floating but whether we're floating or swimming, it's still the water that holds us up!