Thursday, July 21, 2011

Give us this day our Daily Bread

I am up to my elbows in flour this week - Daily Bread Cooking Camp is underway and I'm feeling incredibly blessed to get to help kids connect with God through this experience. And to watch them grow in big and small ways is worth every minute of work.  I have seen:

  • Campers looking out for each other and making sure that everyone gets a turn.
  • Campers rebuking one another for "labeling" during Bible Study.
  • Kids with special needs or circumstances finding a safe place in the group.
  • Jesus coming alive in story and conversation.
  • Campers discovering that they like a food they had previously rejected.
  • Counselors inspiring admiration in campers, and in each other.
  • Campers genuinely sharing themselves and their lives with each other.
  • Kids with special needs or circumstances bringing out compassion in others.
  • Counselors challenging campers and each other to reach a little further.
  • Kids riding a city bus for the first time and looking around in wide-eyed wonder.
  • Fierce negotiations about who gets to do what.
  • Families connecting around the camper's daily food connections.
  • Sharing and curiosity and joy and sadness and praise and rebuke - all rolled up into every day.
It is no wonder that Jesus comes to us at the table.  There is such richness in that simple context. Grab your kids and head for the kitchen.  There are miracles to be found and lessons about God to be learned there.  And while you're at it, boil a little water, throw in a little pasta, chop up a little produce and then gather around the table, give thanks and tell stories as you eat.  The kingdom of God is like a banquet!

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