Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Spirit showed up!

In tradition and heritage!
I wrote last week of the stole handed down from grandmother to granddaughter.  Here is the new pastor wearing this yoke!

The Spirit showed up on this day in the winds of creativity: banners and floral arrangements and music and photography.  All flowing over the assembly and making us all one.

The Spirit showed up as people: bishop, pastors, friends, family, supporters, and congregational members.  So many people contribute to the kingdom by leading, training, teaching, supporting and encouraging those who are chosen to serve in this way.  It takes a village to raise a child.  It takes a community to grow a pastor.  From lifelong childhood friends to former Sunday School teachers and pastors, from fellow alums to parents-in-law, people came out to celebrate!

And the Spirit showed up as a celebration - a meal around the altar.  Bread and wine for all who gathered.  And later, as a room filled with food and friends and flowers and best of all, laughter: people brought food and set tables and washed dishes and created a space for all to gather and celebrate! The Spirit came as joy and infected everyone present!

To everyone who contributed to the making of this servant, in any way, well done!  To everyone who contributed to the making of this event, thank you!  And to the new pastor, the Spirit is with you, let the yoke lay lightly upon your shoulders and lead you to where you are needed!

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