Friday, January 10, 2014

Be it Resolved

Be it resolved that in the new year:

  • I will blog on a more fixed schedule
  • I will eat healthier foods
  • I will get more exercise
  • I will spend more time in prayer
  • I will learn something new
  • I will spend my money more wisely
  • I will read better books
  • I will watch less television
  • I will be a better parent, employee, sister, daughter, friend, aunt . . .
It's the tenth of January and I can already find a dozen things I meant to start in the new year that are still lying undone in the back of my mind.  How about you? 

I have decided to dump the list and make this the year of forgiveness. And I am going to practice on myself. I am going to end each day by forgiving myself, and asking God's forgiveness, and then I am going to accept that forgiveness and treat each new day as a fresh beginning. 

Have you ever noticed how your kids wake up from naps and smile at you with that whole-body joy when you come to take them out of the crib? It didn't matter how mad they were to go down for that nap, or how frustrated you had been with whatever had happened earlier, it is brand-new-shiny-love between your child and you. I want that relationship with my whole life. Every new day is a gift, a clean sheet of paper, a newly sharpened pencil. I am going to take it, do my best with it, learn the lessons of that day, and then welcome the next, and the next, and the next! 

Your relationships with your kids, and with God, are always being made new. Why limit yourself to once-a-year hopeful resolutions and then daily self-flogging for your failures. Imagine what you could have done if you had kept that understanding of every waking as a fresh start? Your kids start life with that, and you can learn from them. Be the role model that says it's ok to stay that way. How much more exciting is that?

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