Thursday, May 12, 2011

New wind in the sails

A primarily personal post today. . . On Sunday afternoon at 2:30 the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago will graduate the class of 2011.  A wonderful group of idealistic, hopeful, well-trained, savvy and mostly young people will move into place as leaders of this ship we call church.  As the mother of one of these graduates I feel a prickle of pride and I share her joy in the completion of the task.  As a person who devotes most of her workweek to the maintenance of this ship I am thrilled to see this fresh wind filling the sails of our vessel.  I praise God for their energy and hope.

I will be leaving for Chicago momentarily but wanted to offer my thanks to everyone who has supported my daughter or her classmates on this journey - whether with prayers, encouragement, or funding. In doing so you have supported the good ship 'Body of Christ', and perhaps lived out your own vocation.

The spirit is blowing new wind. . .

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