Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Wonder

Somewhere along the line we lose our sense of wonder.  Actual wonder is replaced by "I wonder".  It's a classic step on the way to adulthood, one that parents seem to want to hurry, defer or ignore.  You won't be surprised to hear that I think it is something to be cherished.

A couple of months ago I was on a cruise ship and witnessed a delightful example of childish wonder.  There was an automatic door between two eating areas and an adorable little boy of about four walked to the door wanting to pass from one area to the other.  He wasn't tall enough to trigger the automatic door opening.  I watched him for a long time.  He was quite scientific in his attempts to open the door.  He tried approaching slowly, then fast, then at an angle.  Even backwards.  Finally in frustration he stepped toward the door and yelled abracadabra.  At that moment, some caring adult stepped forward from the other side and caused the door to open.  The wonder and delight on the child's face was worth the price of the cruise.

The world is full of wondrous things.  Our Creator has endowed this earth with amazing creatures, characteristics and conditions.  As the school year draws to a close and opportunities for lazier times with children approach I hope you will consider making it a summer of wonder;  along with roller-coasters, water-slides or special-effects movies, look for God-given wonders: fireflies, jellyfish, and shooting stars.  Your child will be delighted and filled with wonder.  And as you share these simple wonders with your child you will also come away with a sense of wonder as everything old becomes new again through the eyes of the child you love.

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