Thursday, May 17, 2012


It has been said that the church is a crossroads - a place of intersections. It is the place where daily life and eternal life overlap. The place where fear and faith and doubt and dreams all meet.  It is the cross road - the place where we  pick up our crosses and follow Jesus, and where we lay them down. The place where we are reminded that there is One who makes the load lighter; One who gives hope and light and love. 

All the of following are taking place at my church this week:

  • Confirmation 
  • Pre-school graduation 
  • Job interviews
  • A wedding 
  • Celebration of a retirement 
  • An end of school picnic 
  • A funeral 
  • A last day of work 
  • Meetings to plan for summer
  • A special Eucharist 
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Last day of regular Sunday School

At the same time, people are experiencing:

  • High school and college graduations
  • Traveling relatives
  • Surgery or health issues
  • Babies being born
  • Applying for summer jobs
  • Houses being sold or renovated
  • Kids coming home from college
  • End of school year events
  • Vacation and camp preparations
  • News of great sadness or great joy

Weeks like this can overwhelm families. Come to the crossroad and rest with your baptismal brothers and sisters. Come and refresh at the font, soak in the familiar and the family, float in forgiveness and love - if only for an hour. It will put everything in perspective.

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