Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Roll the Stone Away

Last week I really struggled to write my post. Let's call it blogger's block. Someone suggested that the best way past the block was to write about it, and in doing so I got to thinking about obstacles. The Easter story has its own big obstacle: the stone that seals Jesus into the tomb. In Mark's account of the resurrection, the women on the way to the tomb worry about the stone blocking the entrance. Here's where those thoughts took me next:

The stone that blocked the entrance to Jesus' tomb was big. I think a lot of big things can block the way: big expectations, big money, big talk, big promises, and big disappointments. The sheer size of big things can block the entrance to where we want to be. For me, that thing is usually a topic too big for a five-hundred word treatment - but it might be something that is so big that it distracts me from the task. Does your family have any big stones? Is there anything out of proportion? Any obstacle to the family life you want to have?

The offending stone at the tomb was also heavy. It weighed too much for the women to simply roll it. As I take on obligations, their collective weight can become an obstacle that blocks my way - either because it slows me down, or worse, completely crushes my creativity. Sometimes we just have heavy loads to carry. If your family is carrying a special burden, whether it's grief, physical or mental illness, unemployment or debt, then you know the obstacles heavy burdens can create.

The women came to the tomb equipped with oils and spices to care for the body. These were the tools for the job they knew how to do, but they didn't come equipped with tools to move the stone away. I may be very capable and well-equipped, but circumstances for which I lack the proper tools can block my progress too.  Nobody starts a job with fewer tools than a parent. We mostly come equipped with memories of how our parents did it, a few observations of other people's mistakes, and maybe a book or two about raising infants and toddlers that we read while we were expecting. Lack of tools can block your family from the home-life you want. 

Oh such a downer! Obstacles everywhere! But wait! Just as the women at the tomb ultimately didn't have to roll the stone away, neither did I and neither do you. God rolled the stone away. Whether by earthquake or angel, a stone can be removed by a power greater than your own. Or God will give you the strength,  wisdom or tools you need to remove the obstacle. The Risen Lord will not be blocked! Let the stone be rolled away!


Jean Olson said...

I loved this one.....and, oh, how true! And then we know that God is right there giving us the tools. I love the vision that he is sitting right there on my shoulder....always with me and guiding me! So powerful!!

Julie Huke Klock said...

Glad you liked it! Thanks for taking time to tell me.

Janis said...

And obviously that writer's block this week!